9 Reasons Why Video Advertising is The Next Big Thing

9 Reasons Why Video Advertising is The Next Big Thing

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Television commercials are rapidly fading from sight in the marketing rearview mirror, and online video advertising has been engaging consumers in growing numbers in recent years. There’s no denying that, when compared to TV, an advertising video seems more intimate and relevant in today’s online world.

The ‘video’ wave is sweeping the world wide web. Everybody wants a slice of the video marketing action, whether it’s an online platform, Instagram reels, or Facebook posts.

Developing a digital presence with video appears to be on everyone’s checklist.

Although video marketing has become an essential aspect of marketing strategy, did you know that video advertisers frequently fail to target the correct audience?

The rapid expansion of mobile search, along with a need for quick gratification, produces an urgent requirement to find relevant information in a short period.

Due to the new frontiers in online digital media, video advertising may now be more precisely directed. In fact, several videos for a single product line may be modified to cater to various audiences at a fraction of the expense of TV commercial production.

There is no denying that the multi-screen digital world of today has accelerated the rise of online video ads as a must-have practice. Targeted ads are not a novel notion in and of itself. However, the always-on, invariably connected world we now live in is the ideal natural home for customized video ads.

Some companies are torn between deciding whether to create video ads, advertising campaigns and pondering why they are already doing so. 

Simply said, if you aren’t using videos as part of your marketing strategy, you are surely falling behind.

Still in a dilemma, if a video ad is worth all the hype?

Or pondering, should you truly dip your feet in video ads on a long-term basis?

Fret not; continue reading to discover 9 reasons why video ads are here to stay.

  1. Every segment of consumers is watching more video content

Statistics show that almost any business’s intended audience spends a substantial amount of time watching videos. Online videos are used by 92% of business-to-business (B2B) customers. 

YouTube receives four billion video views per day.Approximately one-third of all consumers decide to purchase a product after viewing the product’s video advertisement. So, without any doubt, create video ads and see your business reaching far and wide.

  1. Video engages audiences more than television or print media

For businesses, video ads provide an opportunity to attract viewers’ attention with a type of media that they are interested in. So without any doubt, create video ads for viewers as video marketing means receiving information swiftly, simply, and in a way that allows them to make buying decisions faster than ever before, unlike TV or print ads.

  1. A marketing video equals sales

The great majority of big online marketing companies, like Amazon and Flipkart, claim that adding videos to product descriptions increases the possibility of purchasing something by up to 38%. So isn’t it a good idea?

  1. Improved Google Ranking with Video

When it pertains to page rankings, the major internet search engines prioritize video ads. Make sure to create video ads and share them on social media, blogs, and vlogs (and don’t forget to embed it on your own, genuine website!) 

This will increase the likelihood of your intended audience discovering your brand. Videos, like written content, incorporate keywords that assist viewers in finding the video. On the other hand, other video indicators can enable video snippets to score higher than written text.

  1. Video Ads communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth 100,000 times that. Videos provide more information within a short duration of time than content media. Furthermore, video ads engage more senses and can more efficiently provoke emotions, which implies video ads can convey more information by showing and telling simultaneously.

  1. Video marketing is effective on mobile devices as well

The importance of mobile phones in advertising continues to grow. Mobile devices are used to view 90 percent of shorter video advertising (those lasting less than 30 seconds). While video ads perform well when viewed on computers, the growing habit of viewing videos on smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices is outpacing it.

  1. Future Generation

Catering to the needs of under-21 Gen X is just a whole different ball game; their content consumption pattern is distinctive from Millennials in notable ways. They want to become a part of the content generation process rather than just consume it, and they are more socially and technologically aware than their forebears.

So, the brands that opt to create video ads will surely be able to cater to this large chunk of the future audience, as these smart viewers already spend more time than Millennials on smartphones and tablets.

  1. Insights are the classic proof in the pudding

The most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, provide analytical features that enable your company to track the performance of its media advertising. Businesses these days create video ads, track the view count, shares, likes, and other social interactions that serve as crucial tools for planning future advertising strategies. It can also assist you in fine-tuning and improving video material to achieve your target group and enhance viewer ratings effectively.

  1. Videos can express your company’s narrative more effectively than text or static graphics

As previously said, video advertising has a greater emotional impact than other ad formats. Businesses that take up this strategy and create video ads witness their storytelling is improved, allowing consumers to have a more personal connection. The same characteristics that make a movie or TV series compelling are present in video ads.

The image, sound, animation, and elevated experience of watching the video contribute to a positive viewer response. With fierce competition coming in the online realm, the fight to capture consumer attention and keep users engaged has become even more intense.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves, reap the benefits of video ads and jump on the board.

So, without any further ado, incorporate video ads in your next marketing plan!


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