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How to Permanently Delete SnackVideo Account? (Official Method in 2023)

by Team Techager
How to Permanently Delete SnackVideo Account (Official Method)

Are you using more than one SnackVideo account and want to delete the SnackVideo account permanently? Then you are at the right place; here, we thoroughly discussed how to delete the SnackVideo account by the official method.

Firstly, you need to identify which account you want to close permanently. Make sure you are going to delete an inactive SnackVideo account.

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Permanently Delete SnackVideo Account in 2023

Once you identify your useless SnackVideo account, you can follow the instructions mentioned below. After that, you will be able to delete the SnackVideo account forever.

  • Open the SnackVideo app & log in with a useless SnackVideo account.
  • Click on profile and go into the settings (upper right corner)
  • Choose the “Help Centre”
  • Find the Delete My Account option and click on it.
  • You clarify your reason and then click on “Delete My Account.”
  • Then you must confirm it and click “I’m sure.
  • Your account will be permanently deleted within 72 hours
Permanently Delete SnackVideo Account
Image via SnackVideo Help Centre (Permanently Delete SnackVideo Account)

Further, if you change your mind, log in within 72 hours, and your SnackVideo account will return. I have personally 2 versions, but I used only one account. So, I used this method and deleted any useless SnackVideo account permanently.


Can I back my deleted SnackVideo account?

Sorry you don’t get back your deleted SnackVideo account. Further, you can remove deleting the SnackVideo account process within 72 hours.

How many SnackVideo accounts can I use?

You can use multiple SnackVideo accounts but must verify them with a mobile number and Gmail. But we recommend you use only one official SnackVideo account. Remove all useless SnackVideo accounts with the help of this method mentioned above.

Why would I want to delete my SnackVideo account permanently?

You may want to permanently delete your SnackVideo account for various reasons, such as privacy concerns, no longer using the app, or switching to another platform.

Can I use the same email or phone number to create a new SnackVideo account after deleting my previous account?

You can use the same email or phone number to create a new SnackVideo account after permanently deleting your previous account. However, any data associated with the deleted account, such as videos and followers, will not be transferred to the new version.

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