New Trends In the Digital Marketing Agency Industry

New Trends In the Digital Marketing Agency Industry

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Regardless of your chosen industry or the offerings of your entrepreneurial venture, the latest movements in online advertising are something that no business owner can afford. In the past, companies needed no more than a functional website and a page in one of the popular social media channels. These days, it’s no longer the case. With the rapid pace at which the landscape continues to evolve, organizations must keep up or face the unforgiving reality of digital evolution. And to do so, you must hire experts like those from a reliable Atlanta digital marketing agency if you do business is in Atlanta.

While specialist services are undeniably essential, it’s still worthwhile to know the current trends in digital marketing. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most prominent ones you must prepare yourself to adopt. Continue reading if you want to know more.

Customer service will be dominated by chatbots

As the name suggests, chatbots are essentially software powered by artificial intelligence or IA meant to serve as virtual concierges to interact with and assist users in achieving their goals, be it to address specific inquiries or resolve concerns. While they generally interact with people through text in chat windows, it’s also possible to interact with them verbally. Moreover, as their system collects data over time, the AI behind them can learn more. As a result, they offer a perpetually improving service. This trend won’t die out any time soon because it provides a level of efficiency that human interaction cannot.

However, beyond its ability to function 24/7 and deliver immediate responses, it also does away with the costs associated with hiring more support agents to fill the role. And in turn, it allows smaller enterprises that can ill-afford to spend more than necessary to provide excellent customer service without breaking their banks.

Video isn’t a mere option

If you aren’t leveraging the video format for marketing purposes yet, you need to jump on the bandwagon. Text-based content may still be relevant today, but videos can offer a level of engagement that no written piece can. If you fail to take advantage of the power that it holds, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the opportunity to seize your market effectively. So make sure that you incorporate videos as a part of your digital marketing campaign. It will enable you to generate more visibility online than you otherwise would have.

Voice interaction is becoming commonplace 

Thanks to the likes of Alexa and Siri, verbal interaction is increasingly rising in popularity. It’s much easier to talk than it is to type, after all. When you pair this convenience with how much smarter machines are becoming, the process has become easier than it ever has been. But adopting voice search isn’t merely about maintaining relevance – it’s also about creating an optimized experience that is unique to each user. Thus, allowing an enterprise to foster stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty.

Digital marketing agency services

While not exactly a strategy, it’s become a necessity to have the services of a professional agency in this day and age. Digital marketing techniques may be simple conceptually, but they can be tricky to pull off successfully, after all. To maximize the returns and minimize costs, it is, therefore, a better approach to leave the job of creating online exposure to experienced and knowledgeable people than it is to shoulder the responsibility.


Digital marketing is ever-changing. Methods and practices that work one day may not lead to the desired outcome on another. With new strategies coming up, your ability to stay up-to-date can make all the difference. So make sure that you keep yourself in the loop with the trends in this form of marketing.

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