How to earn money from the SnackVideo app in Pakistan (Earn up to 60,000 per month)

How to earn money from the SnackVideo app in Pakistan (Earn up to 60,000 per month)

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On hard days, everyone wants to earn money from easy methods. Sometimes you can’t go out and do have not enough money to expenses. You can move from an online platform where you can earn money such as the Snack Video app which you can both earn and entertain.

Here we discussed the legal methods by which you can earn money from the SnackVideo app. Further, we explained our own experience related to the SnackVideo app.

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We are not going to discuss what is SnackVideo app is because everyone knows well about this app. In fast info about the SnackVideo app, “the SnackVideo app is an online platform which you can entertain and earn real money by creating your own videos on this”. SnackVideo launched in August 2018, founded by Sunny Wu, CEO, and Gordon Sun, CTO. There are a lot of videos related to every niche such as “Funny videos”, “Sports videos”, “PUBG Mobile videos”, “Action movies videos” and so on.

How to earn money from SnackVideo 2021?

Most searching keyword on Google search is “how to earn money from SnackVideo” in Pakistan. You know some people are earning up to 60,000 per month from SnackVideo. There are 4 legal ways to earn money from the SnackVideo app:

  • Earn money by Referral code
  • Earn by Watching videos on SnackVideo
  • By Creator Rewards
  • Create SnackVideo Family

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Earn money by Referral Code

The first method is a very simple and the fastest way to earn money on SnackVideo. You just need to share your referral code with family and friends. Then when anyone will join SnackVideo from your referral code, you will get money as a reward from officially SnackVideo.

Further, you can earn 500 rupees on a single invitation. Your friend can also earn money 70 to 80 rupees on your invitation but he has to watch videos on the SnackVideo platform for next week.

If you are thinking about how I can earn 60,000 per month from SnackVideo, assume you have many friends, if you send your invitation code to all of them then you can definitively earn 20,000 to 60,000 per month. Further, you can also share referral codes on social media platforms.

Earn money by Referral Code
Image via SnackVideo (Earn money by Referral Code)

Earn by watching videos on SnackVideo

If you do have not enough friends then you can choose this one method for earning from SnackVideo. “Watching videos on SnackVideo and earn money” is a slow and easy method. We highly recommend you to use other methods for earning money from SnackVideo.

Some users have facing points adding problems in SnackVideo. If you are also facing this issue, then contact with official SnackVideo helping Centre.

Earn by watching videos on SnackVideo
Image via SnackVideo (Earn by watching videos on SnackVideo)

By Creator Rewards

Are you uploading videos on a daily basis then you can participate in “Creator Rewards”? You can earn real money from the SnackVideo app by creator rewards. There are some policies you must be kept in mind:

Content Creation overview

Rewarded content is high in quality and popular with the detail as below:

  • The video content must be unique and original by the author
  • The video quality should be high (480p to 1080p plus)
  • Content should be rich, complete, and structured, including the message, objectives, background music, descriptions, or effects that are going to be used on the video
Earn money from SnackVideo by Creator Rewards
Image via SnackVideo (Earn money from SnackVideo by Creator Rewards)

Create SnackVideo Family

If you are a consistent user, then you can apply for the SnackVideo family. There is some basic requirement for creating SnackVideo Family:

  • Create a SnackVideo account
  • Complete & verify the SnackVideo account
  • Upload up to 5 quality videos on SnackVideo

You can add up to 500 members to the SnackVideo family. When any member will upload a video according to SnackVideo requirements, you will get money.

Create SnackVideo Family
Image via SnackVideo (Create SnackVideo Family)


We discussed how to earn money from the SnackVideo app in 2021. I’m personally using this app for entertainment and earning money. So I highly recommend you to use this app to earning money. This is a 100% legal and safe app. I’m using it for 6 months and I earned a lot of money from this. You must try this. Further, have you any questions related to the content, can ask through the comment box.

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