TOP 5 PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan 2021

Most popular PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan 2021


Are you here that means someone is best in your PUBG Mobile players list? Do you know nowadays which PUBG player is best in Pakistan?

I know many people play PUBG Mobile and consider pro himself, but here we discussed the top 5 PUBG Mobile players in Pakistan on the basis of their YouTube family, TikTok fans, and Instagram followers.

PUBG Mobile is not a just game; it is the source of income. Most PUBG players are earning monthly more than $100. So try to better yourself, make a YouTube channel, create videos and earn real money. I know there are many other platforms where you can earn money such as TikTok and Snack video app.

Do you want to become a pro player in PUBG Mobile? Let me discuss some tips for making a pro player:

If you have these things then you can practice, after some practice, you become a pro. I was an emulator player and played PUBG Mobile on Gameloop 7.1. but my fans forced and advised me to sift on Apple devices such as iPads. So now I can say myself like a pro player.

Top 5 Popular PUBG Mobile Players 2021

Finally, we are introducing the top 5 best PUBG Mobile players in Pakistan. Check the below:

  • 47 KHALIFA


In my list, the “StarAnonymous” is the best PUBG Mobile player in the Pakistan region. He is basically from Rawalpindi, and he started his career on 16 MAY, 2017. Some fans know his real name, so let me explain his real name. StarAnonymous real name is “Mubeen”.

He has his own YouTube channel with +2million subscribers, also has TikTok fans, Snack video, and Instagram followers. Mubeen is an iPad player, plays PUBG with five fingers, I personally like his game. after the new update, you can make iPad view on Android devices.

However, Staranonymous is famous for his excellent play and good speech and for his humorous conversations. Some Pakistanis still spread hatred in the Pakistani sports community but strangers say “don’t spread hatred only love”. That’s why Star Anonymous is loved by everyone.

StarAnonymous Info:

  • PUBG ID: 5180495079
  • Instagram: theanonymousxd
  • YouTube: Star ANONYMOUS


Legend Sam considers as the finest player in Pakistan. He has +1 million followers on TikTok. Recently, he viral a video in which he acting “Yabli Yabli PUBG Mobile emote” in real life so this became a trend on TikTok.

He is also a bodybuilder and well-looking. He is famous for his game and his personality. Most of PUBG Mobile players like him for his game performance. His real name is “SAM Malik”, basically from Mianwali but nowadays he is living in Islamabad. Legend Sam plays PUBG Mobile game on iPhone 12 pro max, play PUBG with 4 fingers.

Legend SAM info:

  • PUBG ID: 5116614055
  • Mrsammalikofficial
  • Sam gaming


Predator is a famous and old Pakistani Youtuber. The real name of the hunter is Zubair khan. So He started his youtube channel on 11 September 2017. He made a world record with a team of 41 Kills solo Vs in Erangle. He plays with four fingers. Hence the family name of the edible animal is FYME. He has 484K subscribers on his youtube channel. The hunter was born in Pakistan on 5 August 2000.

Predator info:

  • Predator Pubg ID: 5369459460
  • Instagram: yt_predator
  • YouTube: yt predator


The first famous Pakistani PUBG Mobile Player Dr. Pikachu is PUBG Mobile Youtuber and TikTok. The real name is “Syeda Marium”. She is basically from Lahore and has started her career in the gaming community in 2016 and now has 317 K subscribers on YouTube. She has an iPhone 8 plus and plays a game with 2 fingers.

Dr. Pikachu info:

  • PUBG ID: 561397761
  • Instagram: drpikachuyt
  • Facebook: Doctor Pikachu
  • YouTube: Doctor Pikachu

#5: 47 KHALIFA

47 Khalifa is a famous Pathan PUBG Mobile, his fans say him “King of M24”. Why do they say that? His favorite gun in PUBG Mobile is M24 and he well knows how to use it. His fans also say him “CEO of tricks shots in TDM”.

The real name of the 47 Khalifa is Osama Qayyum. He is basically from Peshawar. He is a mobile player and plays a PUBG Mobile game on an Apple device with 3 fingers and a full Gyro. He is also a leader of 47 Khalifa Clan in PUBG. He has his own Youtuber and TikTok fans, 621 K subscribers on YouTube, and 1M + follower on TikTok.

47 Khalifa info:

  • Pubg iD: 5267813117
  • Instagram: 47_khalifa
  • Twitter: 47clanOfficial


Hope so you liked the most popular PUBG Mobile players in Pakistan 2021 and if someone else is in your mind so kindly share with us through the comments box. We will add to this list. Further, I’m also a YouTuber and TikToker. I play PUBG Mobile games and I have some fans like others. So kindly support every new YouTuber like others. Thanks for reading!

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