Domain Authority What is it and How to Improve it

Domain Authority: What is it and How to Improve it?

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If you have been working on SEO, you might have heard about the term domain authority. However, most of us hardly understand it.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a method to predict how well a website generally ranks on search engines. Moz actually invented this algorithm.

In order to get an idea about your Domain Authority score, you can go to the link explorer tool for Moz.  Moz essentially calculates the DA by examining different factors, including root domains, total links, etc. Getting blogs submitted on guest posting sites can help in improving the backlinking, thereby increasing DA.

When you get a higher score for your website, it essentially means you have a stronger website and have the potential to rank higher.

Why is Domain Authority really Important?

Domain authority is important as it helps to understand how a website on Google generally ranks. Though the ranking algorithm of Google is a mystery, a Domain Authority is one of the most important representations of the search results.

With a higher DA, you can somehow understand that your content is likely to perform better than the others.

However, there might be confusion regarding the Page Authority and Domain Authority. Let us decode that for you.

Domain authority tries to create a predictive ranking depending on the domains as well as subdomains. On the other hand, page authority essentially measures the strength of pages. Page authority does have a direct impact on your domain authority and can affect your ranking in search engine ranking.

How can you Improve Domain Authority?

Your domain authority won’t be just a matter of a day. When you first register your domain, it actually takes some time to build your authority. There are various factors that impact the domain authority, like that of on-page SEO, high-quality website content, mobile-friendliness of your site, and its loading speed. Apart from these, the major factor that impacts your domain authority is backlinks.

Following are certain ways you can improve your domain authority:

  1. Trying to get links from high Domain Authority websites

You can improve your domain authority and page authority by getting quality backlinks from domain authority websites. One of the most important ways to do so is by guest posting, where you exchange your content for a backlink.

  1. Try to minimize Spam Links

You can not only increase your domain authority by getting strong backlinks but also reduce spam links in your websites. Hence it is essential that you remove the spam links regularly.

  1. Authentic Link Building

Most of you might have heard about Black Hat SEO practices. One such practice is to fake domain authority scores by illegally selling backlinks on websites at inflated prices. Also, there are SEOs who generally buy domains and build websites with higher domain authority but absolutely no traffic; these then build links which they would want to rank. These are serious red flags, and Google can easily identify this. So, make sure you always choose the path of authentic link building.

Summing Up

These were some of the essential points about domain authority, so get going and start enhancing your domain authority scores.

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