How to Check JAZZ SIM Number (Easy Methods)

How to Check JAZZ SIM Number (Easy Methods)

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Checking the JAZZ SIM number is a humble thing, you can find out your JAZZ SIM in different ways that we discussed here.

Nobody can forget the SIM Number, but in your case, if you forgot your JAZZ SIM Number, no need to worry about this.  we explained the different and easy methods by which you can check your JAZZ SIM Number. Make sure you have a JAZZ Network SIM.

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Checking JAZZ SIM Number

You can check the JAZZ SIM Number in several ways that are mentioned below, follow the ways then you will be able to find out your JAZZ Number:

  • Via USSD Code
  • Via Message
  • Via JAZZ Helpline
  • Via calling or texting Someone.

Let take a look at these ways, hope so you will be successful to find out your SIM number.

Via USSD Code

The first way to check out your JAZZ SIM Number is “Via USSD Code”. You need to follow these steps mentioned below if you want to check your SIM number without any troubles:

  • Open the dialer
  • Type code “*99#” and press the dial
  • The SIM info will display on your phone.

Via USSD Code is free of cost method, you don’t need to pay any little amount to check the SIM Number.

Via Message

The second way to find out your SIM Number is “Via Message”. You need to take some steps then you will be able to find out your SIM number:

  • Open your messages tab on your smartphone
  • Send a message to “667” with this message “MNP
  • After few seconds you will see your SIM details on your smartphone screen with the message.

Make sure you have sufficient balance to complete this process, this method is easy but costly.

Via JAZZ Helpline

No need to explain this method, you can also check SIM details via the JAZZ helpline. Just dial a call on 111 and talk to the JAZZ Representative. Make sure you have all info related to your identification. Once they verify your identity they will share all info related to your SIM.

Note: The call charges will be charge!

Via calling or texting Someone

The last and easiest method to find out your SIM Number is “via calling or texting someone”. Make sure you have two SIMs, one which you want to check number and 2nd which you will call on the number. just call or text, your number will show there. Make sure you have sufficient balance to calling or text.

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