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How to Hire Angular Developers for your Next Project Successfully

by Team Techager
How to Hire Angular Developers for your Next Project Successfully

It’s been numerous years since the absolutely first version of Angular hit the (advanced) shelves. The framework’s prevalence had its good and bad times yet it remains one of the most well-known JavaScript frameworks on the planet. Angular is supported by many companies for its potential to control enormous exceptionally adaptable web applications. It’s open-source and has a gigantic community working around it. Yet, the genuine test for them is to top Angular developers that can exploit that load of benefits. So… how would you enlist Angular developers without losing your care?

As a software organization emphatically centered around JavaScript, Angular has consistently been a vital framework for The Software House. It powers a considerable lot of the ambitious projects we have been a part of.

This enabled us to become familiar with a great deal about procuring and holding skilled software developers of different sorts. Today, we will tell you more with regards to the condition of the Angular occupation market in 2020 and how to find the most ideal candidates.

Let’s get right to it!

Angular job market overview

At the point when we return to AngularJS, the Angular brand has been on the JS framework market for around 10 years. The unique, organized way to deal with building applications acquired great prevalence, yet the development of other famous JS frameworks, for example, React and Vue prevented it from hoarding the market.

Notwithstanding, it doesn’t imply that Angular is doing terribly at this point. A remarkable opposite – as indicated by the Stack Overflow report, (Angular 2+ and AngularJS consolidated) is the third most well-known web framework on the planet, with as numerous as 26.5 percent of all respondents confessing to utilizing it.

Angular is indeed well known (for web application or single page application development among others) and Angular developers are as yet in great demand, however, it isn’t generally apparent at first look, on the grounds that Angular excels in explicit sorts of projects.

What type of Angular developer do you need to hire?

Angular developer interview

Nonetheless, It doesn’t necessarily imply that the Angular experience should be a consequence of multiple projects. All things considered, it isn’t something that one ought to anticipate from a youthful JavaScript engineer.

Less experienced Angular programmers can demonstrate their good understanding of the standards behind Angular during an efficient Angular designer meet:

Other than presenting the competitor with issues common during genuine Angular developments. Moreover, it’s worth it to utilize screening instruments to test their coding skills (to a greater degree toward that later).

Notwithstanding pure development skills, assess the applicant’s delicate skills to find out in case they will make a productive colleague.

How to search Angular developer – inbound practice

Presently you ought to have a pretty good thought of how to choose and check Angular developers. In any case, before you can do it, you should find a sufficiently enormous pool of candidates to browse. Where and what to look like for these prospects? There are numerous approaches, including inbound methods, for example,

  • Your own website

At the point when you work on your website, utilizing good content and methods like SEO (to a greater degree toward that later), individuals are bound to visit it. There, they will find your vocation page. Ensure it is all around cleaned, has all the necessary data for the candidates and it’s not difficult to utilize.

  • Popular job portals

There is a lot of job portals that permit you to expand your outreach with both free and paid occupation postings. Some of them incorporate ZipRecruiter or Honeypot.

  • Referrals

Referral programs are a grounded method of increasing your talent pool. You can grant individuals for alluding candidates, however just when they really land a task. It implies that individuals won’t try recommending somebody who is certainly not ideal for your Angular occupation posting.

  • Social Media

Is it accurate to say that you are dynamic in social media? Do individuals that your organization has been doing or is going to do some great things with Angular? Ensure they do this by talking about and sharing great Angular-related content. Developers intrigued by your Angular positions may likewise look at your social media to dive more deeply into the sort of things you do.

  • Search Engine Optimization

With SEO, you can create significant web content which can carry an Angular programmer to your website from organic search results. This doesn’t simply require an SEO master, yet in particular, skilled content makers and developers willing to share their unique expertise. More importantly, you can hire Angularjs developers in India at reasonable rates.

  • Newsletters

Newsletters are one more great approach to attract individuals to your brand in the online world. Ensure the content is unique and helpful with the goal that Angular developers can really get some worth from it. Try not to exaggerate the visual aspect of a newsletter – the strength of a good newsletter lies in the content.

  • Outdoor advertising

The web isn’t the main spot where you can make the presence of your brand and its advantage in Angular development known. Attempt open-air advertising – a customary strategy, which isn’t utilized that frequently by companies from ventures with a solid online concentration.


What skills should I look for in an Angular developer?

Key skills include expertise in Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, and familiarity with related libraries and tools, like RxJS and Angular CLI.

How do I find qualified Angular developers for my project?

Explore job boards, freelance platforms, social media, and specialized websites like Stack Overflow. Attend developer meetups and conferences or consider partnering with a recruitment agency.

What is the best way to assess an Angular developer’s technical skills?

Use a combination of coding tests, portfolio reviews, and technical interviews to evaluate their proficiency in Angular and related technologies.

How do I determine if an Angular developer is a good fit for my team?

Assess their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability through behavioral interviews. Check their references and consider a trial project to evaluate their performance.

Should I hire a freelance Angular developer or a full-time employee?

This depends on your project requirements, budget, and team structure. Freelancers offer flexibility and cost savings, while full-time employees provide long-term commitment and stability.

Can I hire remote Angular developers for my project?

Yes, hiring remote developers is a viable option that offers access to a broader talent pool. Ensure you have the tools and processes in place to manage and collaborate with a remote team effectively.

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