3 Simple But Amazing SEO Tips to Make Your Website Design Rank Higher Without Compromising Style

3 Simple But Amazing SEO Tips to Make Your Website Design Rank Higher Without Compromising Style


If you have a business in Sydney, you’re definitely in a prime spot. As the most densely populated city in Australia, you have a burgeoning market to take advantage of. Besides, as home to the iconic attractions like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, you also get tons of tourists. Moreover, setting up a business in the capital of NSW Territory means you also have access to many incentives.

However, being in a prime location also means you face tons of competition. Fortunately, you can counter this with the right digital marketing and SEO Sydney strategies. One of the things you can do is optimize your website design and make it search engine friendly. This means people will readily see your business when they do a quick Google query. Check out these three amazing tips to make your web design rank high without compromising your flair and style.

Continually Update Your Site with Fresh Content

It would be best if you strive hard to keep your website trendy with fresh content. Making room for a blog is an excellent way to get this done. In addition, it would help if you had a mix of long-form content and short articles to entice readers to peruse your website.

Remember, search engines love seeing fresh updates because it shows the site is active and alive. As a result, they have reason to crawl and index your site, ensuring that your business ranks high in SERP (search engine results pages). Besides looking nice, relevant content shows your authority. And this is what you need to assure your clients that you are a brand they can trust.

Make Sure Materials Are Readable By Search Engine Spiders

As noted above, content serves as the life force on any website, so this is an SEO Sydney content practice that you cannot ignore. Search engines feed on content so when designing your website, make sure you consider good content and quality materials. Establish a great structure for the following:

  • Headings
  • Links
  • Paragraphs
  • Image titles.

Remember, images don’t have words, making it hard for search engines to crawl them. But if you use a CSS background image text replacement approach, you can make this work to your advantage. Sites with tons of content yield good search results. In contrast, the opposite will lead to disaster, so proper planning in the design stages will mitigate this.

Ensure that URLs are Search-friendly

Notably, most entrepreneurs do not pay attention to the URL. However, SEO experts know that search-friendly URLs make a world of difference. They are easier to crawl because they contain succinct query strings that contain keywords that describe the page’s content. To illustrate, take a peek at the following examples for a plumbing company:

  • com/services/residential-repairs/
  • com/service/commercial-repairs/

The URS noted above has excellent SEO. In contrast, these are poor examples:

  • com/plumbingproblemswedorepairs/
  • com/wehelp4commercialestablishments/

Watch out if you are using a content management system that generates special codes and numbers for URLs. Instead, use one that provides you with the option to customize your URLs. Aim for keyword-rich and simple URLs that are easy to crawl and remember.


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