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How to put a tattoo gun together

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How to put a tattoo gun together

If you are fond of dramas and movies, you must have seen the tattooing on the hands of prisoners. But, you will think about how they did it. And where the tattoo gun cam for them. There is not any law in the world to give this facility. All the nations made strict rules to stop these kinds of acts in the world. So, the question is that how they did it?

However, if you are interested in knowing about it, you stay here till the end of the content. It demands some experience from the users and skill. They used the technique of MacGyver and remained patient at that time. You can make a beginner’s tattoo kit after reading the following description.

How to make a prison tattoo gun?

How to put the needle in a tattoo gun? To make a durable DIY tattoo gun, you must have needles, power sources, ink, and a rubbest design. Here is the complete detailed guide for your assistance.

Use of Ink

We have seen that most of the prisons used black or white shades. Moreover, some of the prisons also used soot for this action. We may call it a lamp black. It is the best technique for tattoo art.

How to Make Soot

I tried my best to help you. You will get better instructions after reading it.

  • At the start, you need to tightly twist some toilet paper and use grease to roll it. You may use Vaseline or oil for this purpose. If you do not have these sources, then you may use the cooking oil or commissionary.
  • Now, you have to set the twisted toilet payer on fire. Do not forget to hold it with a smooth metal surface.
  • After that, the tip of the flame of fire will begin to add pure lampblack to the inner side of the metal surface.
  • After the required soot depositing, you have to scrape it from the surface and gather it on paper. You can use Glossy paper for this purpose. Please do not leave it until the soot stick to it.
  • In the fifth step, you have to gather the soot with liquid, and it will become a permanent black ink to use. It is a good one for making tattoos.
  • If you want to make a gray shade, then dilute the soot with water. But, you need some practice for this kind of action.

How to make a prison tattoo gun? Soot tattoo is prepared by combining the soot, water, and blinder liquid. Do not forget to mix the blinder because water and soot are immiscible. It helped to mix up the solutions. We have seen that most of the users also add water and soot with hand lotion. However, you may also use toothpaste for this purpose.

If you are a newcomer, then you must have these essentials.

  1. One tablespoon soot
  2. Ten drops of water
  3. One drop of liquid soap.

How to set up a tattoo gun for lining? All these elements are readily available in the home. If you want to make less cyclic soot, acrylic paints picked the prisoners for art activities. When they are free from each other, then acrylic binder and pure pigment will separate automatically. You may absorb the blinder with toilet paper.


Now, you have prepared the permanent black ink for use. I want to ask you to use the right set of needles.

If you have experience in the past, then you will use the sewing needles. These kits are readily available for all the prisoners. The needle must be thin and sharp to use. So that you there will not do any damages to the skin. These kinds of hands are automatically thick.

Making Tattoo Needles in Prison

Usually, people use the thin spring with good click pens. You have to remove the spring from it and cut the desired length to adjust for use.

If you want to get the most reliable result, you can use the hunter G metal string. It showed like a pen spring. You have to remove the metal string and make it sharp. You can design a tattoo gun kit after following the steps.

Sharpe the Tattoo Needle

  • Fill the pill bottle with water and salt.
  • It is a process of electrolysis. You have to connect the needles to the positive end of power sources with AC or DC adopter.
  • Now, attach another wire to the opposing end of the wire and place it into the saltwater.
  • You will see that the positively charged end will convert into black. It will clean after wiping. It would help if you repeated it many times.

Tattoo Gun

Now, you have prepared the prison ink. It is a good one for a decent tattoo needle. Now, come to the point at hand. You have to use the motorized tatto device or tattoo gun.

Basic Prison Tatto gun has three major parts

  1. You have to arrange a motor to supply the power to need. You can reduce and up the speed.
  2. A barrel that holds the middle of the center the need. It is usually made by a pen barrel.
  3. It would help if you had a mount that holds the barren under the motor. It is made from a toothbrush.


I tried my best to tell you about the significant task. You can draw tattoo guns for beginners. , dip the needle in ink and allow the motor to run fast. It must move gradually, and the hands must pierce the skin. You may add the desired pattern in ink. It is up to you that how you will make the shade. We have described the best method. For more detail, you can see videos on YouTube.

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