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Tips for your Website to be Noticed by Google

by Team Techager
Tips for your Website to be Noticed by Google

Aside from being the biggest tech company on the planet, Google happens to own the number 1 search engine that millions of consumers use to source services and products. You’re sitting at home and you suddenly have an idea to buy a set of headphones so you can listen to podcasts while doing the chores; you could get dressed up and drive to a shopping mall, which takes half the day, or you could type ‘Bluetooth headphones’ into the Google search window and receive 1000s of websites that sell headphones; a few clicks and a secure online payment later and your new headphones are packaged and despatched to your home address.

How does Google rank websites?

It’s complicated; basically, they send out zillions of bots that collect data and they do this every week or so and the new data is subject to complex algorithms that decide what websites are ranked top for the search term used. There is an entire section of digital marketing that is dedicated to search engine optimisation (SEO) for short, and here are a few tips on how to make your site more prominent in Google search results.

  • Create a sitemap – A sitemap helps Google to categorise your platform and there are free sites where you can create a sitemap, which should then be submitted to Google. While you could just sit back and let Google do their thing, you can be proactive by registering with Google and submitting a sitemap, according to their requirements.
  • Create links – Link-building is an essential aspect of digital marketing; Google recognises all forms of links; internal, external, inbound and outbound. If you make contact with a leading SEO agency based in Bangkok, they can put together a comprehensive digital marketing plan that incorporates link-building.
  • Keyword insertion – First you need to find out what search terms people are using when searching for your product/service, then insert these into your web content at specific locations, which Google will pick up next time they trawl the web. That should see a big improvement when those search terms are used; you can test that for yourself by doing a search or two. Of course, the best solution is to call in an award-winning SEO agency and let them weave their magic; when you make an enquiry, the agency would do a digital audit (for free) to determine the strength of your online presence. Click here for info on SEO reselling agencies.
  • Professional SEO – If you don’t have the time or the know-how to carry out effective SEO, a simple search will put you in touch with a leading SEO agency that has offices right here in Bangkok and they can set about making your website more noticeable to Google and other search engines.

Google is constantly changing the algorithms it uses with the search engine and that means the arena is always on the move and ongoing SEO is the only way to reach the top of the search results and stay there. If you have yet to arrive in Thailand, there are top digital marketing agencies ready to work their magic on your business.

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