How to Add Sites in Existing Google AdSense Account (100% legal Method)

How to Add Sites in Existing Google AdSense Account (100% legal Method)

How to

Have you Google AdSense account and want to add new sites in existing Google AdSense account. Here we discussed the method by which you can add more than one site to an Existing Google AdSense account and get Google AdSense approval instantly.

According to Google Publisher policies, a single person can use only one Google AdSense account so might be you have more than one website and want to show Google ads on all sites. In this situation Google AdSense allows you to add more than one site to your single Google AdSense account.

In my case, I have two sites and using a single Google AdSense account for showing Google Ads on my sites. Here are the details in which you can add more than one site to your Google AdSense account easily. Follow the instructions then you will be able to add a new website to your existing Google AdSense account.

Add New Site in Existing Google AdSense

You must have an active Google AdSense account then you can add a new site to it. Make sure your site is meet up with all Google Publisher Policies. In most cases, sites reject from the Google AdSense team because sites don’t fulfill publisher policies.

Further, some freelancer has more than one Google AdSense account and add one site per account. So we don’t recommend you to do this. Because according to Google AdSense you can’t apply for a Google AdSense account if you have already Google AdSense. In this case, freelancers apply on the behalf of other identities such as on the mother, father, or any other relatives.

Let me explain the procedure how to add a new site to an existing Google AdSense account in a legal way. Follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Open the Google AdSense account
  • Click on sites (at the left side)
  • Click on “add new site
  • Enter the website “URL”
  • Make sure to enter only domain names (Such as
  • Copy the Google AdSense code and paste it into the head section of websites
  • Confirm and apply for review.


First step: open the Google AdSense account and click on the sites (mentioned at the left upper site).

open the Google AdSense account and click on the sites (mentioned at the left upper site)
Image via Google AdSense

Second step: click on “add new site” and enter the new domain name that you want to show ads on it. Make sure you enter only domain names such as, don’t use any HTTP or HTTPS.

click on “add new site”
Image via Google AdSense (click on “add new site”)

Third step: you have to insert Google AdSense code into the head section of the site. Make sure you insert the correct Google AdSense. Confirm the domain name and click on “submit for review”. It takes some time for getting ready for your site.

Final Thought

Normally its takes 1 week to 2 weeks but in my case, I got approval within 12 hours. So you have to wait for final approval by the Google AdSense team. Ensure that you don’t remove Google AdSense code from your website. Once you get approval then your site will be ready to show Google Ads and you can insert ads code in the site where you want.

You can earn double income from Google AdSense by adding new sites. You can also withdraw through the bank. Make sure you earned 100 USD then you can withdraw the amount.

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