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Top Reasons Why Brands Are Going Crazy about Meme Marketing

by Team Techager
Top Reasons Why Brands Are Going Crazy about Meme Marketing

People using social media place a premium on entertaining and engaging content that they like to share with others. Brands understand the importance of customer engagement, which is why they are forever trying to raise the bar with content that is easily visible even on the cluttered feeds of their target audience and is engaging to boot. Memes are now among the hottest things for brands trying to connect with young audiences on social media. These audiences are notoriously averse to conventional advertising and brand promotion techniques, according to Forbes. Some of the top reasons why brands are relying on memes more than ever:

Easy for the Brand to Display Creativity

With their irreverent attitude, memes are among the most creative devices for brands to show their target audiences how innovative they are. Due to the informal nature of memes, the target audience finds it easier to connect with the brand, interact with it, and share the meme with their friends. Using memes is a great way for a brand to show it is not afraid to be irreverent and ride the current trends. Creating a meme with the potential to go viral is not an easy task, but with the right application, marketers can find it easier to do so with memes compared to other kinds of brand communication.

Greater Brand Awareness

Because of their entertaining and engaging nature, the target audience can find it easy to relate with memes, observes a Meme Scout designer. When they feel that they are on the inside of a joke or a sarcastic comment that not everybody will understand, it gives them a special feeling that makes them want to share it with other people who they think will also enjoy the wit. When the meme is exceptionally good, it can easily turn viral and give your brand exposure beyond what you could have expected. Marketers love the fact the funny memes can snowball and reach the brand message to audiences, they would not have normally been able to include in their fold. When executed properly, meme marketing can give brand awareness a big impetus at a relatively low cost.

Easy to Create

Unlike many other advertising messages, creating memes is relatively easy, especially if you use online tools. You can decide on the tone and attitude depicted by a meme to see whether it fits the brand personality and then design something that synergizes your brand. At its core, the design concept of a meme is simple – you need an arresting vision of a trending topic and a well-crafted slogan or comment that puts a twist on it that people can identify as your brand signature. The trick is to spot a trend and get on to it very quickly before it peaks and fades away.


What is meme marketing?

Meme marketing is the use of popular, humorous, and often viral images, videos, or phrases, known as memes, in promotional campaigns. Brands harness the power of memes to engage their target audience, create a relatable brand image, and increase their online presence.

Why are brands going crazy about meme marketing?

Brands are attracted to meme marketing because it is a cost-effective and highly shareable form of content that resonates with audiences. Memes are easily digestible, entertaining, and have the potential to go viral, which can significantly increase brand awareness and generate organic reach.

How do memes help in building brand awareness?

Memes help build brand awareness by connecting with the audience on an emotional and personal level. By using relatable, timely, and engaging content, brands can foster a sense of connection with their audience and encourage sharing, which increases the reach of their message.

Are memes suitable for all types of brands and industries?

Memes can be used by a wide range of brands and industries, but they might not be suitable for everyone. It’s essential to understand the target audience and ensure that the memes align with the brand’s values and messaging. Some industries, like finance or healthcare, may need to be more cautious when using meme marketing due to the sensitive nature of their products or services.


Marketers love memes for their visual nature, simplicity of construction, and topical subject matter. They catch the attention of the target audience far better even in crowded social media feeds. Moreover, since they are funny and entertaining, they allow people to connect better with your brand.

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