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What to look for when choosing a website builder

by Team Techager
What to look for when choosing a website builder

If you do not want to invest a lot of money in a website, you can get cheap hosting and sign up for a website builder. If you want well designed and professional website, then your best choice is a website builder.

Website builders are programming tools that can help you set up and design any website you need without having to edit any code. With the right website builder, you can easily create your website in just a couple of minutes. But with so many options out there, you need to know what to look for when choosing a website builder. Some options are better than others and we are here to tell you how to distinguish which ones are worth it and which ones are not.

Within this article, we will include five essential elements that you should keep an eye on when deciding on a website builder for your site.

Ease of use

The whole purpose of a website builder is to simplify the building process of the website without having to spend extra time and money on hiring a professional to set up and design your website. With the right website builder, you do not even need to know coding.

Many website builders today offer visual drag-n-drop editing where you can use the mouse and keyboard to move around and add specific components to the website. You can easily customize and create any type of website regardless of your level of web design. You will be able to see what your website will look like and make corrections whenever you want.

A good website builder should offer you drag-and-drop editors, pre-designed templates, and intuitive editing tools that will help you create the website you are looking for.

Wide variety of templates

Website templates essentially provide the design and structure of the website, so you do not have to build it from scratch. They are pre-designed layouts that are customizable and can help you drag and drop elements like image blocks, photo galleries, and logos into the template to make it correspond with your want.

With website templates, you can arrange the content on your webpage and create a well-designed professional website without any code writing. A large number of builders will help you select a template that comes close to what you have envisioned.

Many website builders offer collections of often used website types that can further help you in the setup process. A wide variety of templates is not the only important thing when selecting a website builder. They also need to be well-designed, modern, and professional looking.

Features and Plugins

The main difference between almost all website builders out there is their included features and plugins. A good website builder should offer a full plugin shop where you can add additional features and plugins for more complicated elements like maps, forms, boxes, subscriptions, and pop-ups. Some essential features that all website builders must offer are multilingual capabilities, the ability to add code, SEO tools, Google Analytics, shopping cart, photo gallery, logo maker, live chat, AI tools, and CSS customization. The more features and plugins, the better the website builder.


It is important to choose a website builder that falls within your determined budget for your website. A website builder should cost less than hiring a professional designer or a developer since you are doing most of the work.

Website builders usually use a subscription model, which means you will be charged monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. So you do have to consider the long-term costs of the service. Most website builders will charge you between $4-$40 a month, depending on what is included in the price. If you have specific needs or you need some additional features, you will have to pay extra.

SEO features

SEO features are very important when choosing a website builder. They will give you a head start by helping you optimize your website’s pages for maximum visibility in the search engines.

Search engine optimization allows the website to get targeted traffic from a search engine’s organic rankings. SEO features include adding relevant keywords to each web page’s URL, meta description, and image tags communication. Some website builders give you the option to add SEO data for the whole site, and tags are added automatically to pages, while others allow you to work with each page and add any analytics tool you like. Either way, suitable SEO tools are an essential addition to any website.


Choosing the right website builder for your site is crucial. You want your website to look nice and function properly. Take your time to go over several builders before you make the final decision.

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